Is the price quoted by Excel Scotland fixed?

Yes. We provide a fixed quote, not an estimate. You will only be charged extra if the specification is to change and/or the budget for the kitchen or bathrooms are exceeded. You will be advised of the cost difference prior to work commencing, therefore giving you the option to proceed or not.

Do I have to deal with (chase) tradesmen?

Absolutely not. It is the job of the project manager to make sure that all the trades (and materials) are on site when required

How long does it take to build a new house?

As a guide, if planning and building permissions are in place we can take a house through to completion within 5-7 months. Allow 12 -18 months if you don’t yet have a site.

Does anything need to be paid upfront?

No. There are five stage payments throughout the build. Payment is only due once the work outlined in the payment schedule has been completed.

Can you advise me on land purchase?

Yes, this is part of our service. We can find plots not on the open market, advise on land suitability and assist with price negotiations if required.

Is self-build a good investment?

It can be. The usual “rules” of house location and design apply. If you find the right site and location and build a marketable house, then you could create equity.

What areas do you build in?

Moray, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

How much does a plot cost?

Plots in Moray typically range from £60,000 to £120,000. In our experience plots cost on average £90,000. Due to relaxed planning laws, there are more sites than ever on the market. Some can be bought at very reasonable prices indeed!

Are your builds subject to independent inspection?

Yes. During the build, a minimum of five (normally seven to eight) inspections are carried out by a Premier Guarantee surveyor. Alternatively, the build can be Architect supervised. A similiar number of inspections are caried out by the supervising architect. The local authority building standards department also carry out four inspections.

Can a structural warranty be offered?

Yes. We mostly use Premier Guarantee who can offer a ten year insurance backed structural warranty.

What are the benefits of working with a TRUSTMARK builder?

  • Every firm’s technical skills have been independently checked through on-site inspections.
  • Firms work to Government endorsed standards.
  • Quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction monitored.
  • Checks on trading records and firms’ financial status.
  • Firms are able to offer an Insurance backed warranty.
  • Clear and user friendly complaints procedure should you need it.
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