Your dream home design is coming to life

If you are thinking of a self build in the next year, there is still time to enter our competition for your chance to win your architectural home design services.

We’ve started the process of building your dream home design, based on every suggestion we’ve had. Some have been fantastically different, others traditional. Bringing those together, we think your dream home will be something special.

Self Build

The self build process is an exciting challenge. From identifying your ideal location, then getting to build your very own dream home. Not one from a brochure of kits. Not choosing your tiles and kitchen doors. Not like your neighbour. But just as you want it to be. As you need it to be.

Once you have your plot, its time to get your architect and professional team together. The journey through planning and building warrant can be tense, matching your wants and needs with the application of the local policies! But then the outcome can be fantastic. With all of your boxes ticked, its picking your builder. Do you go for a cost led approach? Or do you go for reputation and quality? This is where your professional team are invaluable, ensuring that you are protected from poor workmanship, financial risks and that your costs will be your costs. That’s not to say you won’t want to make changes along the way. The jump from a set of plans to a real building is a massive leap.

By working with your architectural team in 3D, you can get a better handle on this leap from paper to site. There are some pretty powerful tools on the market. 2D drawings play an essential role in communicating the build and design in a factual manner, but, they don’t really communicate feel, space or movement.

Built in Character

Sometimes, a house is a home because of how it flows. From the time you walk in, to the time you get to bed. By applying a micro-space syntax degree of science to your layout and building in layers of privacy between bedrooms and lounges can create a real depth to your home. Character that isn’t just a bunch of doors off a stair centred lobby. By weighing up your use of your home, where you want to do the day to day, where you want to relax in the evening, it all forms part of the arrangement of your home. It’s definitely something you should ask your architect about. From a cosy snug, to a bright inside outside family kitchen, the flow through your home isn’t just about fitting in building blocks.

The whole process might take 18 months from start to finish. There are times of activity and times when it seems like you are on pause – waiting for the planning permission and building warrant, or those weeks you are out to tender. Your self build does need patience and determination.

Home Design & Build

At Excel Scotland,  we wrap it all up into one package. No architect’s fees, no professional team costs at all. It’s all part of the service. We might have the ideal plot, that might be down to you. Once your ideal location is yours, we work with you to put together your dream home design. By keeping everything under one roof, you get to control your build budget as the design is developed. You don’t need to wait for lengthy tender processes. You don’t end up with a builder you don’t really know. You remain in control throughout. By working with our team of professionals, from design to painting, your home really is your dream home. We work with some powerful tools, crafting your home in 3D from the beginning, allowing you to really understand how it will all come together.

We look forward to getting to know you and how you want your home to work.

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